black and white photograph of an oscilloscope showing a Lissajous curve resembling the ABC logo.

I’ve proudly joined the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in their Digital Product and Technology team. I’ve always been a strong supporter of the ABC, and I’m excited to apply my experiences and skills to such an important Australian institution.

I left Apple over a year ago to have my first career break in over three decades of working for in tech. I enjoyed the extra time with family, travelled, exercised more, went to MIFF, read books, listened to music, learned to make Neapolitan style pizza, and failed to improve my Rocket League skills (but still had fun trying.)

I also joined the board at AISA to help ensure that cyber security is the best it can be for Australians, and am excited about the upcoming Cyber Conference 2024 in Melbourne. Be sure to take advantage of early bird registration – It’s going to be a treat.

Importantly, I’ve confirmed that at my core, I still love technology. Ask me about some of my recent projects involving automation, docker, or arcade machines when we next meet.

I feel like the best version of myself. I wake up in the morning with a desire to apply my passions to make positive change, and hopefully create a better world. Thanks to my family, friends, and my professional network for their support throughout.

I can’t wait to see how the next few years unfold.

I am leaving Apple for a self-funded, extended sabbatical. It’s been a pleasure working and connecting with so many incredible people and teams for over 11 years — eight as a remote employee within Apple Cloud Services — and I’m going to miss it.

“You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”

Steve Jobs

After taking some time to relax, I plan to learn new things, and work out what is next. I will follow my heart, very possibly back to Apple, or maybe doing something else.

Putting a dent in the universe with colleagues across the planet has been a thrill. I’m proud to have built a sizeable internal community of remote engineers and seen the strong types of collaboration that can be created, both in person and digitally.

I love the incredible focus on the customer that makes Apple’s products and services the best on offer. I’m excited for the future of Apple, and thankful for the part that my now ex-colleagues play. If you are one of them, please stay in touch, I would love to hear from you any time. And Tim Tams are available any time, just ask.

Almost ready to travel again with family again, but in the meantime …

Animal Crossing running on Nintendo Switch consoles

Hello, I’m here for Depeche Mode 101, followed by Pulp Intro.

Photo of “Indiecollege”

Scale can be hard, but with iterative, documented process, redundancy planning, slack for the unexpected, and some flexibility, it can almost always be achieved without failure.

6x batch (Three months) worth of bolognese sauce in two pots

I’ve baked gluten free angel food cakes, cinnamon rolls, etc but nothing prepared me for a GF German Chocolate Cake, which looks so simple. Came out pretty well though.

Murrumbeena Record Fair today, a tiny one in Melbourne’s Southern suburbs. Was amazed to find these!